Raw irish honey 240g retail

  • 100% RAW & UNBLENDED: Our Honey is naturally produced from our bees!

  • FLAVOUR: This is our summer honey and is forged from a mix of Briar, Blackberry and Clover trees which gives it a lovely golden colour and sweet after taste.

  • UNPASTEURISED & NO PRESERVATIVES: Whilst our honey is unpasteurised it is also never heated above the temperature of the hive during the jarring process, so it holds all the nutrients.

  • SPREADABLE: This Raw Honey is smooth and spreadable.

  • SINGLE ORIGIN: Mobia Raw Irish honey is sourced from bee hives located in the midlands of Ireland.

Raw honeys benefits have been known and used since ancient times as far as the Eqytian pyrmaids as they saw it as food from the gods because of its benefits.

Benefits of Raw Honey
Kills unwanted bacteria and fungus, raw honey contains hydrogen peroxide an antiseptic
Benefits of Raw Honey
Soothes sore throats and suppresses a cough
Benefits of Raw Honey
Reduces inflammation
Benefits of Raw Honey
Immune system booster
Benefits of Raw Honey
Contains powerful antioxidants
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Benefits of Raw Honey
Helps ward off allergies and sinus problems